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Solar Services

Cost Savings:

Enjoy long-term cost savings by significantly reducing or eliminating monthly electricity bills, leading to financial savings over time.

Energy Independence:

Reduce reliance on traditional utility providers and gain greater control over energy consumption, providing peace of mind and protection against rising electricity costs and power outages.

Increased Property Value:

Enhance the value of your property with solar system, making it more attractive to potential buyers due to cost savings and environmental benefits.


Solar system is durable, require minimal maintenance, and come with long warranties, ensuring reliable energy generation for many years.

Steps of Solar System Installation

Site Assessment:

Evaluate the feasibility of solar system installation based on factors like roof condition, orientation, shading, and available space for optimal sunlight exposure.

Design and Planning:

Customize a solar system that meets your energy needs and maximizes solar energy generation.

Procurement and Delivery:

Procure solar system and necessary components, delivering them to your property for installation.

Roof Preparation:

Prepare the roof, ensuring its stability and suitability for solar system installation.

Mounting and Installation:

Securely fix the solar system and mounting racks to the roof according to the predetermined design.

Electrical Wiring:

Connect the solar system to an inverter and integrate them with your home's electrical system.

System Testing and Commissioning:

Conduct rigorous testing to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Grid Connection (if applicable)

Establish a net metering or interconnection agreement with the utility company if you choose to connect your solar system to the grid.

Monitoring and Maintenance:

Monitor the system's performance and perform regular maintenance to optimize efficiency and longevity.